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It's a cloud based document management system with several unique features.

goDocX Features

EfilesX is the advanced technology company that create simple features and
future generation products for the growth of people, businesses and world.

  • Ability to Share documents through email (secured and unsecured) or alternatively share documents via popular social media sites.
  • Powerful Search features that allows to search documents based on simple and Boolean Keyword search.
  • The application can be customized as a cloud based services or configured as a license based product.
  • Send the documents with email attachments (unique feature) instead of a regular upload feature.
  • Follows DOD level of security standards while managing documents.
  • Create a free 1GB account to store, search and share documents.
  • Ability to set and run a manual filters to separate documents.
  • Setting of filters to transfer the documents on its receipt.
  • Windows file explorer like look and features.
  • Supports Standard upload/download feature.
  • Creation various folders and subfolders.